How I Saved My Gallbladder "The Green Machine" With Natural Solutions

In 2018, I embarked on a new journey into alternative medicine as conventional Western approaches failed to yield the desired results.  My primary care physician suggested cholesterol-lowering medication but was unable to offer substantial guidance. He stated that was what he was trained to do and then told me to follow the natural path of changing my diet. Still, I was in pain, did not know much about how to change my diet, or follow an alternative medicine path. I continued to look for guidance. I consulted an acupuncture practitioner who detected issues with my gallbladder's condition, emphasizing the urgency for attention.

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A Natural Way to Resolve Viral Infections

In my exploration of holistic health solutions, I stumbled upon a remarkably powerful frequency-based therapy through biofeedback. In addition, a life changing remedy for my clients: Olive leaf extract. This natural elixir has proven efficacy in addressing a spectrum of health concerns, from lowering blood pressure to fortifying the immune system and combatting ailments like HPV and various forms of herpes, including those caused by this cancer-causing STD.

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Reiki Experience - Adventures in My Waking Dreams

In 2006, I was in the midst of a deeply challenging separation that left me feeling as though I was losing grip on my sanity, my home, and my family. My life had always been an uphill struggle, leaving me perpetually puzzled by its relentless challenges. What follows is an account of my initial awakening and healing experience through Reiki balancing sessions. During these sessions, I underwent a transformative shift in awareness, one that continues to grant me the capacity to navigate through difficult moments, even when I find myself slipping back into patterns rooted in trauma. I hope my journey can offer insights or perhaps captivate your attention. As you delve into my story, I recommend accompanying it with Kamal Engel's Reiki Whale Song – simply click the link above. And thus, at this juncture, my genuine journey of awakening truly commenced.

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