Reiki Experience - Adventures in My Waking Dreams

Published on 11 June 2023 at 14:55

Adventures in My Waking Dreams

In 2006, I was in the midst of a deeply challenging separation that left me feeling as though I was losing grip on my sanity, my home, and my family. My life had always been an uphill struggle, leaving me perpetually puzzled by its relentless challenges. What follows is an account of my initial awakening and healing experience through Reiki balancing sessions. During these sessions, I underwent a transformative shift in awareness, one that continues to grant me the capacity to navigate through difficult moments, even when I find myself slipping back into patterns rooted in trauma. I hope my journey can offer insights or perhaps captivate your attention. As you delve into my story, I recommend accompanying it with Kamal Engel's Reiki Whale Song – simply click the link above. And thus, at this juncture, my genuine journey of awakening truly commenced.

Adventures in My Dreams 

Diving deep into the ocean, water so crystal-clear blue that sparkled like diamonds, I am surrounded by an array of beautiful ocean creatures. I dove into my serenity with a pure heart and gentle soul. These unique ocean creatures would not accept my presence any other way. For creatures of this nature would never dare to show themselves to anyone that was not of a similar soul. I could feel a kindred connection as I joined them. We played in the crystal-clear water; we played as if there was not a worry in the world. I played like I had never had anything that had ever caused me pain or held me back... It was like every painful thing that had happened to me in the physicality had just fallen away. 

I rode the backs of ginormous blue humpback whales… their color the most stunning blue I had ever seen. Their belly wash brushed with the clearest white. The image was so majestic, it was like nothing I had never seen... something so magnificent that it could have only happened in my dreams. We played a game where we would touch the top of the ocean waves for a moment… then plunge deep down into the ocean, to suddenly burst from the water, cascading diamond shaped droplets of water that would rain down through the sky… The joy I felt at that moment is something that I could never describe fully with words. 

These creatures were so connected to me it felt as if we shared pieces of our souls. I could hear their thoughts and feel their heart beating in the same rhythm as mine. They told me stories of a past where the land met the sea and reassured me that all would be ok. They told me that they were always right there with me. All I needed to do was look inside. These creatures were not just whales; they were my family. They helped me reconnect with the parts of me I thought I lost... They healed old wounds, balanced, and released energy that no longer served my higher purpose… I cried then laughed as I felt such relief at the peace inside of me. At that moment I started on my path of reconnecting with my inner self, my inner guides, and all that I was meant to be. Then before I knew it they were carrying me to the most beautiful shoreline that I had ever seen… there was a hidden cove just up a path and that path I knew was meant just for me… I did not want to leave these majestic creatures - I wanted to stay and play all day, although I knew I must continue on this path… the urge to move forward was growing from within me. I knew in my heart that I could go back to them anytime… So, from my heart I said farewell and knew this was meant to be… 

As I wandered down the path getting closer to the cove, I discovered the most enchanting melodies I had ever heard. Knowing that I had heard this melody long before. The melody was from another time, another place I knew I had been before. Once I heard it, I knew it so well and knew that no musician could ever replicate this unique sound that was created to awaken me and unlock something hidden deep inside me. Suddenly I was transformed into a beautiful dancer with an inner light that shined so bright… As I looked at myself, I remembered her/me, the me that I had locked away, the one no one could ever see… This part of myself I had hidden so well from the past and the pain of losing myself once again. The me that I had forgotten of who I was supposed to be. I knew at that moment that I was meant to unlock that part of me that connected with this melody.

I looked down and was suddenly wearing a flowing white gown made from the softest material I had ever felt… so transparent and so flowing… so soft it felt like it was made from the feathers of beautiful angelic wings. I danced to this enticing melody, danced so carefree… like there were no chains binding me to the past and felt so very free. I danced like I had never danced before, so limber and graceful was I. I danced so freely that I found myself on top of a mountain. I reached the edge of a cliff overlooking the shore where the ocean met the sea… in that moment I felt my home was calling gently to me. I could hear my family calling to me… I could hear their gentle call in the wind… The calls were mixed with the enchanting melody… The mixture of their call and the melody created a place that felt so safe, and the air felt tangible, I could feel it flowing around me, wrapping me in its embrace. I started swaying gently back and forth. The wind swayed with the rhythm of the melody, and it kept me captivated. I stayed there on the cliff and started to dance freely. 

I was met by a mysterious masculine energy… his image was hidden from my physical eyes, but I could feel the gentle nature of his soul. It felt so kind and true… I felt an instant connection with him. One I had never felt before. Our energies collided with a force that matched the ocean waves crashing on the shore. We merged into one and we flowed in sync with each other listening to the beautiful melody. We danced to the enchanting melody mixed with wind, the waves and the calls from my family. We were so entranced in that moment that we moved as if we always belonged together… Like the melody was made just for us. Our steps were so strong and sure. Then just as suddenly as we merged… his energy swiftly spun away… disappearing… and then vanished like the wind carrying the sand to the shore. At that moment there was no sadness, pain, disappointment, or fear… I felt whole, secure, and ready to continue on this path. 

The melody drifted away and became a very faint sound over the waves. Then I heard the ocean calling to me… My family patiently waiting for me… They were not done… They wanted to play... So, I ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped without a second thought. Diving back to what I knew was my destiny.

My family met me with gratitude as I crashed into the water. They showed me who I was and who I was meant to be. At that moment I was filled with joy and an energy so strong I thought that I would shoot up and out of the water. For a moment it felt like I could fly out into the galaxy. My family showed me what true self love and acceptance should be. Without expectations or judgements of the past, present, or future that lay in front of me. They saw into me, around me, and through me with a knowing so sure that I would reach my destiny. They knew the person I would be and who I would become… if I could only see what they could see. They understood why I had hidden away from them and so many knew that I may try to hide again… But they told me not to be concerned about this; it was the way it was meant to be. 

They reassured me again that all would be ok, because in that moment my soul opened, and my light started to shine as it had always meant to be… Even if I lost my way I could always return and I would be met with the same acceptance, love, and understanding that they always felt for me. We played a game where we would touch the top of the ocean waves for a moment… then plunge deep down into the ocean, to suddenly burst from the water, cascading diamond shaped droplets of water that would rain down through the sky… We played as if there was no fear, no pain, or worry and knew here we would always be carefree. 

Slowly I slipped back… into this physicality. As sad as I was to say goodbye, I knew I had gotten back a part of myself that had been locked away. I knew that I had a place to go if I ever felt like hiding away again… I discovered the key to unlocking my true self, the person I was meant to be… My family showed me what I could not see, what I had pushed away and what I had kept locked up for so long. I accepted a mission before I came into this body… I was a light master, a prime creator, and a being of infinite love… Filling this world with joy, love, and light to free all and give back the world his and her liberty. I am on my mission of love of freedom that is now ready to be released. 


So, I leave you with this affirmation that may help you in your path of healing and release:

I AM infinite Love

I AM infinite Light

I AM infinite Wisdom

I AM infinite Awareness

I AM infinite Magic

I AM infinite Abundance and Prosperity

I AM the formless Awareness of Consciousness

I AM the formless Spirit of Unconditional Love and Light

Thank you, Universe! Thank you!

So be it, so be it, so be it... and so it is…

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2 months ago

This is written so beautifully. I loved reading your story, it resonates with me. Thank you Kimberly.

Kimberly Sabourin
2 months ago

Thank you so much, Star! I appreciate your comment :)