Gallbladder Health

A functioning gallbladder “The Green Machine”

If I had discovered this article, it could have provided thoughts that were worth contemplating verses thoughts that were constipating… How to Keep Your Gallbladder Happy ( Here is an excerpt:

“Don’t Skip Meals: Your gallbladder releases bile each time you eat. When you skip meals, those bile juices build up. This raises the cholesterol levels in your gallbladder. Over time, the waxy fats can harden into gallstones. Some bile acids also may make you more likely to get gallbladder cancer. So, carve out time for regular meals. Pick Whole Grains: They pack lots of rough fiber, which lowers your LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol. That protects your heart and helps keep gallstones away. Fiber gets your digestive system moving and flushes bile from your body. Aim to eat more high-fiber foods like whole-grain bread and pasta and brown or wild rice. Other whole grains include oatmeal, popcorn, barley, and bulgur.”

A function gallbladder “The Green Machine” produces green bile that releases into the stomach to assist with digestion and lowering cholesterol in the body. If I had found the article above, I could avoid serious health problems I faced a few years ago…

Discovering the presence of cholesterol build-up in the heart becomes a profound journey, particularly when faced at the age of 41. Enduring a sequence of cardiac events leading to an extreme thyroid imbalance can catapult an individual into a realm of both mental and physical health challenges. The visit to the doctor, accompanied by a prescription for medication that not only failed to alleviate the symptoms but exacerbated the condition, prompted deep contemplation. Why is this happening? What steps can be taken to enhance well-being? Which foods contribute to a healthier lifestyle? What is the most expedient path to reclaiming one's health?

As these thoughts swirl around in the body more tension grows – ANXIETY – WHAT DO I DO FIRST!...  and then dun… dun… dun… constipation takes the wheel! Constipation of the body and the mind.

There are several ways to pass a constipating mental process, or some would say a brain fart! First, determine what is causing most of the symptoms in the body. Based on long hours of contemplation on the constipating thoughts above…  I followed the advice of a Naturalistic Doctor who recommended testing for food allergies as the first step to freedom of living in a state of frustration and confusion…

Some can eat anything and never have outward signs of an allergy to food they enjoy eating. Although, some allergic reactions to food at times only cause internal reactions like inflammation or a breakdown of organ function. When inflammation happens, it can spread throughout the body up to the brain. Causing brain farts, feelings of fogginess, irritation, pain, and fullness in the abdomen…

I strongly advocate for a biofeedback scan. Unlike conventional allergy tests, this scan can pinpoint food allergies that often go undetected. The invaluable information it provides is not only more cost-effective than alternatives on the market but also avoids the discomfort associated with Western medicine's intrusive testing methods, sparing you from days of skin irritation. Check out, the Quantum Therapy Pricing, page to find out more about the biofeedback scans we offer in person or remotely.

Additionally, there's another noninvasive option worth considering – a home allergy testing kit. One such cost-effective choice is the 5Strands Health Testing Kit, with reviews attesting to its efficacy.

Navigating through the abundance of information available can be overwhelming, each path claiming to be the ultimate solution. The question of which one is right for you remains unanswered, as it's a personal journey. However, knowledge empowers, and the more you understand, the greater your sense of well-being. Thank you for your time, and should you have any questions, feel free to reach out for further insights on navigating your health and wellness journey.