Embracing a World Without Gluten

Published on 25 June 2023 at 02:03

Has there ever been a moment when you received information that completely reshaped your entire world?

To provide you with some context, my upbringing revolved around Taco Bell, Campbell's soup, pizza, and lots of fast food. With my mom's demanding work schedule, cooking was a luxury we seldom indulged in. Our homemade meals often amounted to canned tuna mixed with egg noodles or other unidentifiable casseroles. Growing up on such fare took a toll on my body, and over the past several years, I've earnestly sought to transform my dietary habits, making it a mission to steer clear of fast food at all costs. I believed I was on the right trajectory, assuming that things would naturally fall into place.


Incorporating practices like regular meditation, focused breathing, and coping techniques, I endeavored to infuse more balance into my life. However, after the birth of my most recent son, an unexpected development occurred – I began developing rashes after eating bread and pasta. Suspecting it might be an allergic reaction, I pursued an allergy test. Guided by a Naturalistic Doctor, I underwent both a saliva and hair allergy test. The outcome left me stunned; the foods I had cherished were now on the list of items I needed to avoid.

My struggle persists, as I confront the harsh reality that many processed foods harbor ingredients that trigger inflammation within the body. These elements can prove particularly unsafe for individuals with compromised immune systems, potentially leading to severe health complications. An at-home test is available for those keen on discovering their own food allergies, which I've included on this page for your consideration. However, it's crucial to note that if you're experiencing severe health symptoms, it's imperative to promptly seek guidance from a medical doctor.

I would also recommend reading, Gluten is My Bitch :) written by April Peveteaux that explores the author's personal journey of living with a gluten allergy. Peveteaux takes readers through her experiences of navigating the gluten-free lifestyle, offering practical advice and valuable insights along the way.

Throughout the book, Peveteaux emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy and finding a community of support. This book also provides a wealth of practical information. Peveteaux offers tips on reading food labels, finding hidden sources of gluten, and maintaining a balanced gluten-free diet. She also delves into the emotional aspects of living with a gluten allergy, addressing the feelings of isolation, frustration, and even anger that can accompany the condition.

For more insight into how I navigate life while adhering to a gluten-free diet, I invite you to explore further information. Feel free to utilize the comment section below to share your own experiences or to request additional details on this subject. For a more in-depth conversation, a complimentary consultation awaits you, click the button below.

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